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The Ins and Outs of Taxis in Puerto Vallarta

Taxis in Puerto Vallarta

If you are leaving from the lobby of your hotel this first rule does not apply, as the fares are posted or the bell-boys know the rates.


1. Arrange the fare with the driver prior to getting in the taxi, especially late at night, as it tends to be more late at night.

2. Check the seats when you get, to confirm you have all your packages and things with you.

3. Make sure to check the number on the door when you do get out, in case you forgot something. You can often find it later in the same taxi believe it or not.

4. Check with your hotel for the local rates for the taxis, the taxi taking you somewhere has the same chart as the one bring you back (so long as it is within Puerto Vallarta). If you cross to Nuevo, they have different fares, and they are usually slightly less.

5. If the taxi driver handles your bags tip him. Luggage, groceries etc. If he doesn’t, local custom is not to tip, but if you find an extremely nice taxi driver or very informative one, by all means feel generous.

I know the local rates, but I always ask, just to see what they say. Out of the last 100 taxis, 1 has over charged me. Now, if you are from a big city you need to take into consideration our taxis are not metered like most cities. Also, I have personally had belongs left in the taxi, found the same one 3 days later and asked him if he found it. It was just a CD/DVD case stuffed with about 45 DVDs. It was #23 in centro, his answer? “Ah, Amiga. It’s here in the back (meaning trunk). I didn’t know who it belonged to.” Not such a big deal I understand, but he shares his taxi with a daytime driver, and most of the movies were my sons. We were so grateful! A friend of mine went home one night around 11:30 pm, she had several bags with her when she got out, but she left a little purse on the seat. It had her cell phone, her credit card, and her pay in it. About an hour later someone knocked on her door, she said it scared her to death. It was the taxi driver, he apologized for taking so long to come back and bring her purse, but there had been another passenger and they lived a long ways away. She didn’t even know she had lost it! This still happens regularly here in Puerto Vallarta. Here in our small little town of approximately 255,000 people (give or take depending on the season).

So, visit Puerto Vallarta. Come enjoy our beautiful city, feel safe, feel the warmth of the people, live the history, and enjoy the culture, feel welcome, and most of all enjoy your vacation! Remember also to make sure and have a margarita or two!

Thank you,

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