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DATE: 4/27/2011 5:57:00 AM

Thursday, when stopping at one of Puerto Vallartas Tour operator offices to pay the account, I had an impulse to go on one of the tours I had not been on in many, many years…Yelapa. 

La Lagunita Hotel, Yelapa, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Banderas Bay, Cabo CorrientesYelapa, is often said in passing as where you should head for a day or two to get away. “Go stay at the palapas in Yelapa!” That would be La Lagunita Hotel. Located beach front in Yelapa, and each “palapa” is a separate “hotel room” like “house”, covered by a palapa – the thatched roofs of palm leaves. La Lagunita, has a beautiful lagoon style pool overlooking the sheltered cove of Yelapa. Imagine sitting in the waters of this beautiful “lagoon”, drinking a cold “cerveza” as the sun is setting, and night gently creeps over Puerto Vallarta’s Banderas Bay, and the cove of Yelapa!
This is one of the famous iguanas available for you to hold at the beaches. They are pets, tame, friendly, seem to enjoy the beach and the people. She is 10 years old, and the other one at Yelapa is 9 years old. I recommend to hold them if you have not ever done it before, and kids always love to touch them. They don’t bite, and are very gentle. Be adventurous when in Puerto Vallarta, escape to Yelapa. 
Perfect Puerto Vallarta day! Only 84, sunny, warm, beach, great snorkeling, kayaking, hundreds of Spotted Dolphins, and to top it all off…a mama Humpback Whale and her baby, even though the season is officially over! Truly a Best Puerto Vallarta Tour! The captain of the Vallarta’s Adventures’ boat No. 5 was fantastic, we circled to see more of the dolphins, and they played with the boat. When the captain would speed up, so would the dolphins, jumping on all sides of the boat! Incredible!



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