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Controversy over Malecon in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Tours,Puerto Vallarta Fun,Activity,Family Fun Tours,Puerto Vallarta Family Excursions,Puerto,Vallarta,Family,Fun,Tour,Tours,Activity,Activities,Excursion,golf coursesPuerto Vallarta‘s beautiful Malecon Boardwalk is at the heart of what has the people of the city outraged. Many people are complaining about the remodeling of the Malecon, many people say it is a great idea. I think it is both a beautiful idea, and the most horribly planned project that this city has quite possibly ever undertaken!

Puerto Vallarta. When people think of Puerto Vallarta, many things come to mind, like the amazing Sand Sculpture Artists. They are gone, and will likely not return – or at least the same ones will not return. This would be a tragic loss as this last year the artists are amazing. People also think of culture, art, ocean front restaurants, fun family Sundays spent downtown. All of this is gone. Gone from a President (that is a Mayor here in Mexico), that I have been told is not only not from Puerto Vallarta, but not even from Jalisco.

cultural show in downtown puerto vallarta,nuevo vallarta,city tourI am not certain either way. But I do know, that this administration is by far the worst in my 7 years here. The devastation they have caused to the struggling economy of downtown may be irreparable, the loss of tourism – may mean that the people who arrive this summer will NEVER return. I am glad that the term of this administration will be ending soon.
Puerto Vallarta has had a hard few years, only to be slammed again by its own government.
1) A few years ago it was the ‘swine flu’ that wasn’t. The Malecon was full one day, and then the day after Calderone’s announcement it was EMPTY. When I say EMPTY, I mean not a soul for as far as you could see. Devastating to a city that survives on tourism.
cultural show in downtown puerto vallarta,nuevo vallarta,city tour
2) As the world was recovering from an apparent “Pandemic” according to WHO (World Health Organization), the economy in the US crashed. Which still has not recovered. With millions out of work, and at that time Americans made up the largest portion of the tourists, few were traveling here. Which in turn greatly impacted the economy here.
3) Add to this the fact that the media blasts stories about Mexican violence anytime a big traveling holiday is approaching. The latest was spring break. (Just a note – you may notice there are not many articles or news about Mexico until around the traveling times. Watch you will be surprised.)  And the US economy is still struggling so Puerto Vallarta’s economy is still struggling as well.
So we had two of the worst years in memory of anyone in the tourism business, and now our illustrious President has seen fit to remodel the Malecon. He did not even give the city the courtesy of waiting for the slow season to be here. May is still not slow season. June is the secondcultural show in downtown puerto vallarta,nuevo vallarta,city tour slowest month. So two more weeks would not have hurt the plans one way or another. Which puzzles me at the lack of consideration for the city’s heart, the well established businesses of the Malecon.
Another puzzling point is; Why didn’t he do a trial run? Poll the tourists, after all this is supposedly being done for the tourists, so did anyone ask them what they thought about having the ENTIRE Malecon blocked so you cannot even see the ocean?
The most puzzling thing though, is; Why did they block off the ENTIRE Malecon? Wouldn’t it have been better to do it one block at a time? Did this occur to anyone in the planning department?
After dinner at Pipi’s the other night, we headed down to the main street. It was only 11 PM, and the Bars and Night Clubs were empty, the people who were out, were looking for taxis to go back. You can’t see the ocean, you just see a big net fence.
The pictures above, all depict much-loved people and things of Vallarta’s Malecon walk. What will happen to them now? Will they return in 4 months? Would you wait 4 months with NO income to return? This all could have been eliminated by simply doing the project block by block. We have lost great artists and gained a green fence for 4 months. Please leave your thoughts and comments on the subject.

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