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Swim with the dolphins taken to the next level…

If you have never seen a dolphin in real life then you simply can not imagine this experience and what I am about to describe you, but what you should know is that this may be a an event that can change your life.   Swimming with dolphins produce a therapeutic feeling, it stimulates your full senses and body, once that you accept this amazing animal as a friend, it can greatly help people with problems of depression or anxiety.

This is an eye-opening experience that will make you love and respect the sea life.

Puerto Vallarta has a new dolphin swim activity taken to the extreme. Equipped with a mask, snorkel, and fins you can become immersed in the dolphin world. These magnificent creatures will join you for a one-of-a-kind free-swim experience. You will have complete freedom to dive down and swim along side the dolphins – touching them and playing.

Are you ready to feel as one of them? good…..because they will even tow you across the pool underwater! Motorized water scooters are ready and available so you can playfully glide around the pool with the dolphins.

Are you feeling brave? then grab a Boogie Board® and get ready because you will be getting an exhilarating foot-push across the pool, so I guess we will have to suggest that you should have strong swimming abilities to make the best out of this opportunity….

Now, that is an activity to remember for a long time, if you are planning to vacation in the Puerto Vallarta, Mexico area and looking to make the best out of it, please send us your questions regarding this or any other activity that you may be interested on participating, we are always happy to help, good planning leads to more time to have fun!


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