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7 Tips that will help you beat the “Holiday Rush”

We all love to travel and enjoy vacation time as much as we can. Often times the only time available to travel is when everyone is doing the same thing as we are. These are some tips on how to enjoy your vacation and how to beat the holiday rush:

1) Avoid Friday and Saturday as much as you can – Those tend to be the most popular days for travelers, and check-in at hotels and therefore the worst days for crowds. If you have to travel on these days, book a late morning or early afternoon trip to avoid “rush hour.” Of course those times are popular for a reason, but if you are flexible, you can breeze through airport security and to your flight.

2). Stay Away from School Vacations – Leave a day or two earlier while most kids are still in school. Air travel is usually busiest on the first day or two after school lets out for the holidays. This should not be a surprise for anyone with children, but just pushing your travel back 1 or 2 days can save you a load of stress. This also applies to those long road trips south of the border.

3) Get the most out of Miles – Preferred fliers can take advantage of shorter VIP lines at check-in, security, and boarding. If you are a gold member or frequent flyer, they often are entitles to first class boarding check-ins, sky caps, and the VIP security checkpoint. If you travel often and frequently, this is something you should definitely have. If you’re not a frequent flier, look into an airline-affiliated credit card—priority check-in and boarding might be among the perks.

4) Carry it On – You can grab your boarding pass from a kiosk instead of waiting in line to check your luggage or most airlines offer 24 hour pre-flight check in. That way you can check in from your home or office and even print your boarding pass! Show up at the airport and head straight to the gate and bypass the long check in counters and lines. Don’t be afraid to do it, even if the overhead bins are full, you can gate-check it for free—and claim it on the jetway or gate when you de-board.

5) Book and plan in advance – Leaving travel items to the last minute not only cost you more money, but also cause stress and gets you a bad flight option and seat. The old saying the early bird gets the worm is correct and you should definitely stick by it.

6) Arrive Early – If you are in the middle of a holiday rush the need to arrive at the airport earlier than normal cannot be stressed enough. The airports will be filled with “rookie” flyers who do not travel often and may not be familiar with airport security and rules, so the lines will be unusually long.

7) Relax – This is the most important TIP – It is your vacation remember? Vacations are meant to be quality time with your loved ones. So even if everything doesn’t work out the way you planned, remember there is always someone worst happening to someone else while you are happily on vacation and keep things in perspective; a small delay isn’t the end of the world.

Smile, life has been good to you for the last week.

By the way, forgot rule number 8) Ensure you make the best out of your vacation by booking the most exciting tours and activities for your family well in advance, we can make it happen without stress.



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