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Find The Temazcal in Puerto Vallarta, it heals your body and soul

The Temazcal is a space also known as “sweat house”, although in the tradition ancient Mexican tradition is regarded as “the house of healing.”

The Mayans called this space “Zintunche” and It consists of heating wood volcanic stones to return them to their original state, almost liquid, after that a juice made of medicinal and aromatic herbs is poured on it; This produces steam that makes the skin sweat, relaxes and detoxifies the body, clean the airways and tones the nervous system.

It is important to understand that the Temazcal is more than just a steam bath that helps us to improve the functioning of the body. According to the Mayans the Temazcal is a way to interact with the elemental forces of nature, therefore, when we enter it, we come in contact with the five key elements that sustain life: wind, water, earth, fire and ether. This enables our “essence” to live in a state of complete harmony with the world.

There are the two types:

In this type of Temazcal integrates various factors that enable you to interact with the elemental forces that are not perceived by the external senses, however, makes you focus on the internal senses and promotes the knowledge of your true essence.

This is the Therapeutic version and it seeks to relax the body and detoxify it, stimulate the lymphatic system, skin tones, calms the mind and leads to a state of inner tranquility.

The Temazcal is just one of the many activities that you can find in the Puerto Vallarta area, please contact us with your needs or any questions.



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