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What tourist don’t know about the “Oaxaca” jewelry that they find in Puerto Vallarta

This article is meant to give you a little background on the popular jewelry that you will find all over town.

Oaxaca is a state of Mexico (Puerto Vallarta is in Jalisco) and it has an ancient history when it comes to jewelry.  The Anahuaca tribe before the colony was master jewelry designers.  Gold did not have any economic value at the time.  They invented corn they added the number “0” to math and perfect time accountability, but never invented a coin system.

But more than a deficiency (as some people may believe) the fact that they didn’t have a coin helped achieve a high human development. They not only didn’t have a coin but they never invented any kind of weapons and education was free and enforced.  After that we can see why they were the civilization that had the highest quality of life in the old world.

These magnificent artists used gold and silver to represent the symbols of their religious universe, their sacred spaces and the divine.  All of this was manifested on beautiful pieces of jewelry and art.

They did not care about the gold or silver as monetary value because the area was full of it. During the 3 centuries that the Spaniards invaded Mexico it is calculated that they took tons of these metals to their country and it is believed that with this money a lot of the capitalism in Europe got financed.   Sadly, they not only took the metal, they melted the pieces of art to make blocks and transport them easier.

The jewelry tradition has lasted over the years in Oaxaca and you can still find jewelers in the area that follow the tradition, a tradition that is getting lost little by little as the modern world moves on and finely detailed jewelry made with high-tech machinery is produced, in addition to that the jewelers have to compete with an Asian market that is very aggressive.

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5 thoughts on “What tourist don’t know about the “Oaxaca” jewelry that they find in Puerto Vallarta

  1. Thank You for posting this interesting article about handmade jewellery.

    Posted by Sandra | July 4, 2012, 10:19 pm
  2. You’re right as an traveler i am wondering in that things also,now i know the story behind it,in Finland country most of their jewelry are made in gold which is really look elegant but price for it will be expected really expensive.

    Posted by Aija Mönkkönen | August 23, 2012, 1:44 am


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