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The history of the legendary Mariachi

September is the most patriotic month in Mexico as we celebrate the independence day and in such a month how can we forget about the emblematic Mariachi?, there are many theories about where the name came from and no one seems to know 100% its origin, so please take your pick:

1- (What seems to be the most popular one) The word “mariachi” comes from the French word “marriage” which means wedding and with the passing of the years it was transformed in the word Mariachi that we all know. According to this theory, during the French intervention in Mexico, the soldiers started to use the word “marriage” not only for the event of the wedding but also for the kind of music that was traditionally played on the event by the locals.

2- The word Mariachi comes from the “Coca”culture (what nowdays is known as Cocula) mariachi was the wood stage that they used to perform their dances and music.

3- Mariachi is a word formed by uniting the words Maria and “shi” ( in the coca language this means song) and the name mariachi according to this theory refers to the songs that they use to make to the virgin Mary after the introduction to the Catholic religion by the Spaniards.

4- There is a type of wood in the states of Jalisco and Michoacan that is light, white and porous that is used to make popular guitars used on this type of music.

No matter what the origin of the word is, what seems to be the truth is that this type of music was originated by a fusion of the music and instruments of the local tribes and the new ones that were introduced during the colony in Mexico.



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