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Taxi Safe in Puerto Vallarta

TaxiSafePV.com This is a new website that promises to help keeping Puerto Vallarta taxi system safe and friendly, is sponsored by the south side Vallarta hotels, restaurants, bars & clubs. On this website you can file an anonymous report of any problems that you found during your visit in Puerto Vallarta and have something to … Continue reading

Tips for new drivers in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Driving in Puerto Vallarta and Mexico in general is a bit different from the U.S. or Canada. To make it easier to understand how people drive I have pointed some facts about situations you can find while driving: – Highways are marked in kilometers, not miles. (1 Mile = 1.6 Kilometers) – The amount of … Continue reading

Transportation in Puerto Vallarta

The International Airport is located about 10 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta and there will be  taxis or vans available for your transportation. Just pay at the taxi booth and they’ll assign you to a taxi/van that fits your needs and will take you to your place of arrival in town. Local Taxis (The yellow … Continue reading

Beautiful Puerto Vallarta

Today Best Puerto Vallarta Tours will show you our beautiful Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta, as diverse as it is beautiful and it is one of the best vacation destinations in Mexico. One of the most enchanting things about Puerto Vallarta is the diversity, and unlike many cultures, it is not hidden and it is within … Continue reading

Taxis in Puerto Vallarta

If you are leaving from the lobby of your hotel this first rule does not apply, as the fares are posted or the bell-boys know the rates. Recommended: 1. Arrange the fare with the driver prior to getting in the taxi, especially late at night, as it tends to be more late at night. 2. … Continue reading


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