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Taxi Safe in Puerto Vallarta

TaxiSafePV.com This is a new website that promises to help keeping Puerto Vallarta taxi system safe and friendly, is sponsored by the south side Vallarta hotels, restaurants, bars & clubs. On this website you can file an anonymous report of any problems that you found during your visit in Puerto Vallarta and have something to … Continue reading

Dolphins in Mexico

The Mexican coasts are the natural home of 17 types of dolphins ( 32 total exist )  Bahia de Banderas is the natural land of the bottle nose dolphin, some of the main characteristics on these friendly animals are curiosity and intelligence. On the Caribbean areas of Mexico you can find the Clymen Dolphin, they … Continue reading

“El Salado” estuary in Puerto Vallarta

El Salado estuary (the salty) is located by in the urban area of Puerto Vallarta and is constantly protected by local authorities and people in general. This estuary is a body of sea water that is partially surrounded by land.  The salt levels are reduced due rivers that feet it with water. The perfect conditions … Continue reading

Facts about the famous Banderas Bay (Bahia de Banderas)

This is the biggest natural bay in Mexico and covers part of the states of Jalisco and Nayarit.  It is in the Pacific coast and shares its name with the municipality of the area.  Some of the most popular touristic destinations in the country such as Puerto Vallarta and part of the Riviera Nayarit are … Continue reading

Taxes in Puerto Vallarta: Refundable to tourists

Mexico offers a refund to our visitors from other countries on the taxes paid because they are not obligated to such charges. Taxes apply in the following cases: hiring on independent services, accommodations, import of goods or services.  The only items that are not included on the payment of this taxes are basic food items … Continue reading

What to do on a rainy day in Puerto Vallarta

So, you are away from home, in a different country, in a beautiful city but trapped on a rainy day.  This should not ruin your vacations, Puerto Vallarta is a touristic destination that offers plenty of alternatives that do not necessarily involve a sunny day. These are 4 recommendations on what to do on a … Continue reading

The Puerto Vallarta’s Historic Naval Museum

This interesting place is located on the board walk and next to the traditional “arches”, if you are doing the usual walk on the “Malecon” then you won’t miss it.  Stop by if you have the time, the experience will be worth it and if you are walking during the day then it will give … Continue reading

The Gecko: A Puerto Vallarta classic

Visitors may think that the marlin or the sea-horse are animals that represent Puerto Vallarta the best, but if we ask the locals then the answer may be different; this little reptile can be found almost anywhere in town and has been there since the beginning of Vallarta’s history. This friendly reptile as been the … Continue reading

The real Mexican Fiesta is on September 15th & 16th

The real Mexican party is coming to town, the country will be celebrating its independence on September 15th and 16th and the festivities have started.  The night of September 15th 1810 will be remembered for ever as the priest Miguel Hidalgo rung the bells of his church and called the country for revolution, a crucial … Continue reading

The Vallarta Whale

This Whale has become part of Puerto Vallarta’s lands cape and it’s admired daily by thousands of people who drive along the main street in Puerto Vallarta.  It became the new symbol of Puerto Vallarta and Bahia de Banderas, together with the traditional seahorse that can be found at the “Malecon”. Also known as the … Continue reading


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